Website Design ~ Creating a personal or business website that reflects who you are and what you offer.

Using either one of many templates available or designing from a blank page ~ I will listen to you and together we will come up with a concept that expresses you and targets your audience.  I offer website creation using web builder sites such as Homestead, Intuit, & Go Daddy.

This website utilizes a template.  I selected a design that I liked and then began making changes.  Each template is very flexible and can be re-designed in many different ways.  Horses have been a big part of my life for many years so I've included these images and used them in creative ways to market this business but also keep my personality and who I am involved.  It will depend on your type of business whether or not to use personal identifiers.  

The tools available to be successful are both simple and complex, but working together we can accomplish much!
Circle KT Web Design and Services
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Website Maintenance ~  Almost as important, if not more important, is keeping your website current.

Revisions and additions to your website will depend on you.  Is your website personal or business?  If you have a product or service it will be important to keep everything up to date.

Your website should be interesting to the first time viewer or the returning viewer.  Add important facts, products, points of view ... your customer will return frequently if they expect something new.

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