Welcome to Circle KT Web Design and Services!   A home-based company providing services for personal and business websites at competitive prices. 
Kathleen Timmermans
1635 S. Willow Oak Street
Wichita, KS  67230
Phone: (316) 648-4644

Put all your strength & creative effort in all you do ~ because everything you do is worth every bit of your genuine self!
Circle KT Web Design and Services
For more information please contact me by email at info@ktwebdesignandservices.com or request a price sheet of my services on the contact page.
I can help you do that with:

~  Website Design  ~
~  Website Hosting  ~  
~  Website Maintenance  ~ 
~  E-Commerce ~
~  Membership Management  ~
What are you wanting to do?

~  Keep family & friends up to date  ~
~  Advertise & market your business ~  
~  Provide information services  ~ 
~  Sell your products on line  ~
~  Organization member information ~
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